Hi Donna Darling,  How can I thank you and your band of little lost boys!  It was beautiful, amazing, magical.

How was my girl, could you see her face during the service?  I have never seen her look more beautiful, the pure joy beaming out of her face still brings tears to my eyes.

Thank you so much Donna, you have to have such patience, with brides changing their minds every half hour.  The results were simply stunning, everyone was blown

away, so many people said it was the best wedding they had ever been to!

Angie and Stu are sure they will get it into a wedding mag or two.  I always recommend you to my brides but now!  My  goodness, I will be able to gush from first hand

experience.  I know it is hard work, but you are doing a wonderful job,  the fern was a fabulous touch.   You are making dreams come true,  you certainly did for one

Mr and Mrs Nattrass on the 29th March.

Thanks to you and your team, I loved you before, I love you more now.  We have to get together soon for a drink,  proberly not till the end of April hey!

Noreen, Mother of the Bride